Benefits for businesses

•    No wasted commuting time.

Saving employees money and time will boost morale amongst your team hugely
•    Increased productivity

Data from surveys suggests that working from home leads to a noticeable increase in productivity amongst your team, so they can get more done.
•    Employees will be happier.

Remote work provides a great work-life balance for employees - happy employees do great work.
•    It is simple to set up

With such a wide range of software available, setting up remote working has never been easier for you.
•    No need to pay for office space, supplies, or snacks

With employees working from home, they are self-catering and highly productive. This boosts efficiency and increases profits.
•    Minimal wasted time or useless meetings

Online working reduces procrastination, boosting focus and allows prioritisation of those important tasks on the to-do list.

•    Hire the best, regardless of location

Without the restriction of geographical location, it is possible to hire the best possible team from around the globe.
•    Positive PR

With so many industry-leading companies switching to remote work, providing the option to do so creates space for positive impressions. This gives your business an edge in a competitive world. 
•    There is plenty of software to make managing your team a breeze

The vast range of online software available makes managing your team so much easier! 
•    Increased insights into other markets 

By working remotely, around the globe, your business can expand and explore new markets. Where could you go?
•    More appeal to work for you

In a concentrated market, having the option for working from home often gives a job listing the edge. Who wouldn't want the option to ditch the commute?
•    You can try out optional remote work.

As an employer, you don't have to go all-in remotely. You could try a few days a week, or even per month and observe the benefits.
•    Increase employee loyalty significantly

In 2020, the world saw how powerful remote work can be. Employees are likely to not give up such a benefit, staying with you for longer.
•    Employees take fewer sick days

When working from home, it is much easier to deal with minor illness and health inconveniences. Whereas a cold might keep employees out of the office, they are likely to carry on working at home.
•    Employees often work longer when saving commute time.

Without fixed commute schedules, employees are fluid and free to spend extra time on their work.
•    If your employees work from home, so can you!

Not only can your team enjoy the benefits of remote work, but you also can too!

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